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Acne Studios Men & Women Fall/Winter 2020

A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), the buzzword that is taking over all forms of science and technology discussions, has arrived to the menswear collection of Acne Studios.

Just as A.I. is still in its development phase, Acne Studios was not afraid to imagine looks that aren’t picture-perfect. For error was deliberately intended in Fall/Winter 2020. Glitches in fabric and disruptions in the structures of pieces like a coat that seems to follow the norm but its fastening is placed in the wrong part.

All in all, active neuron networks took over and envisioned items that were like no other.

A strong connection to a subtle nature, the fading of colors on garments, as the body of the beholder gets highlighted. Bleaching and dying were the techniques of choice for this season.

Similar to the Acne Studios menswear collection, items that you would not expect like a jacket with exaggerated sleeves were omnipresent. Paintings and vintage styles became one with many ensembles as on a leather coat and a satin dress.

Reminiscence to the past in the most innovative manner was expressed by creative director Jonny Johansson who explained: “I was thinking about time. The past is so important, particularly in fashion. And we are all hoping for a new future that will save us, but we’re not there yet. We are in an in-between place, and I wanted to use these men’s and women’s collections to capture that tension.”