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Louis Vuitton: The Second Largest Diamond From Botswana to France

Unlike other jewelry maisons, this season Louis Vuitton presented not a collection but one unique item; Sewelô, simply the second largest rough diamond to be ever discovered.

All 1758 carats of a diamond was showcased at Place Vendome in a dark atmosphere to introduce Sewelô coming all the way from Botswana. A unique setting reflective of the enigma that lies behind the existing layer of black carbon around the stone.

A story dating to more than 2 billion years will be unveiled in the coming year as part of an ongoing collaboration between Maison Louis Vuitton, Lucara Diamond Corporation and the HB Company of Antwerp. Louis Vuitton will hence offer clients the opportunity to request and co-create bespoke custom diamonds and jewelry.

Its predecessor, the largest diamond, is now part of the British Crown Jewels, and we can only wonder what Sewelô’s next chapter will be like.