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Issey Miyake: A Year Like No Other

The Issey Miyake label has paved its way of being the brand of choice for the client who wishes to be free. Not too streetwear, just comfortable enough to mold into ones daily life. From Paris, their 2019 défilés have left us in complete awe. If the shows could be reduced to one word “happy” would be the first sentiment to come to mind. And isn't happiness the ultimate goal?

It all started during the HOMME PLISSÉ ISSEY MIYAKE Spring/Summer 2020 collection presentation in June. Unlike the previous shows that took place at the urban-underground of the Palais de Tokyo, the novel vision chose the very Parisian Place des Vosges to celebrate its Homme Plissé new release. At the heart of the artistic district, that is Le Marais, and without any flashy lights or an extravagant set, the rendezvous was a performance of dance followed by the rhythm of tribal music. It brought together a group of models turned gymnasts turned dancers (or the other way round?) who showcased the liberated Issey Miyake man of next summer.

And just when we had thought that the HOMME PLISSÉ ISSEY MIYAKE show would be our far favorite of the year, its more female-driven Spring/Summer 2020 womenswear fiesta proved to be a serious contender.

Taking place at an atypical location, the Cent Quatre cultural center, and a couple of kilometers outside the radius of common fashion show venues, the A Sense of Joy didn't fail to lift our morale after a very heated day. A songstress, Cirque du Soleil-material acrobatics, girls on skateboards, a flowing parade of colors, all together demonstrated that modern fashion is all about having fun, and that the Issey Miyake creative team has undoubtedly understood the game.