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Interview With Celebrity Doctor Paul Nassif

In lavish Beverly Hills, Dr. Paul Nassif, the American-Lebanese facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, is a household name amongst the ladies and gents of 90210. Internationally, he was first seen on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills before landing his own hit show Botched on E!

Nassif is now bringing his expertise to the Middle East as he joins the Dubai-team of the Beverly Hills Sunset Surgery Center in Valiant Clinic by Meraas. And just before he conquers Dubai, we wanted to learn more about his career move.

AM: Having both a successful career in Beverly Hills and a hit TV show, what will Dubai add to your professional path?
Well basically, I’ve had a lot of Middle Eastern patients over the years, especially the Emirates, including Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and joining Beverly Hills Sunset Surgery Center in Valiant Clinic by Meeras means I’m taking myself across the world, especially with a Lebanese background, dealing with the Arabic culture is something I have always yearned for and I want to make it easy for the patients to see me and the Doctors that I’m going to bring out, rather than them coming all the way to Beverly Hills.

AM: Why the Beverly Hills Sunset Surgery Center in particular?
All of places in the world, I’m excited to have a second practice in the Middle East and of course Dubai is a spectacular place to do that, especially when partnering with a clinic like Beverly Hills Sunset Surgery Center in Valiant Clinic by Meeras. The quality of the surgical care and the Doctors that already work there and that are bought from across the world and also knowing Dr. David Matlock (another surgeon at the clinic) who put this together and is a colleague and friend of mine, it was a no brainer to form a relationship together and start something spectacular together.

AM: How will you manage your schedule between the two continents?
Managing my schedule is difficult; I hope to be visiting the Beverly Hills Sunset Surgery Center in Valiant Clinic by Meeras, at least 4 to 5 times a year. Hopefully everything can be set up in advance and teleconference patients in advance to ensure we are on the same page with regard to treatment before visiting the clinic.

AM: How would you describe an Arab woman and what makes her different from an American?
Although there are a lot of cultural differences, there is the similarity between the two in that they want to keep looking beautiful and we are there to help that.

AM: What is your take on plastic surgery in the Middle East? Are women over doing it?
They aren’t overdoing it in the Middle East – they like the lip fillers, they like the fillers in the face, they want their skin looking great and they are also using a lot of my skincare Nassif MD Dermaceuticals but they aren’t over doing it. When they do and they have been botched, I am there to fix it. No matter where you go in the world you are going to find people that overdo it but overall I do not find that as a general consensus in the Middle East.

AM: What are the latest technologies that we need to know about and that you will bring to Dubai?  
In the United States we offering a lot of minimally invasive facial procedures and hopefully we can bring some of these to Dubai. We can bring some of the technology from tightening from freezing fat to cold sculpting. We are doing a lot of laser technology to help tighten and lift, and to help even out the skin tone and decrease wrinkles with incredible lasers. We are also using Nanofat Technology which is something I will be doing in the Beverly Hills Sunset Surgery Center in Valiant Clinic by Meeras where we take fat and we inject something called Nanofat into the skin for textural changes. I’m going to bring all the latest surgery techniques that I do on the face and bringing all the techniques that I’ve learnt all over the world and bring the best surgical care of all to the Dubai women.

AM: Finally, how can we book an appointment?
You’ll need to book a consult first through the Beverly Hills Sunset Surgery Center in Valiant Clinic by Meeras.

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