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RED Défilé: A Heartfelt Event

The RED défilé is a beam of hope that celebrates fashion and the lives of women. Red signifies the heart, an essential organ of life, as the event is an annual meet-up to raise awareness about cardiovascular diseases.

AJILA foundation’s president, Isabelle Weill, explained as she launched the third edition: "1 in 3 women loose their lives to a heart disease, that is higher than the mortality rate due to all cancers summed up!" She started the initiative Sauvez le Cœur des Femmes following the footsteps of "Go Red for Women” by the American Heart Association in the United States.

The RED défilé is not your ordinary show; the models are French public figures from various domains (sports, media, cinema, music and more) and who take on the role of showcasing red gowns designed by international brands that firmly support the humanitarian cause.

A Valentine's Day mood in November, and at the Paris Marriott Champs Elysees Hotel, the RED défilé was all about living the moment, having fun and giving back. One of the emotionally high moments was when a French firefighter flaunted her red uniform to highlight the fact that more women should join the fire departments.

As we look forward to next year's edition, you can follow up with the association’s news, events and health tips at

Photos by Aurora Troise & Christian Tarro Toma