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Interview With Nikola Vasari Creative Director Of Faith Connexion

Nikola Vasari
Paris Fashion Week is a dance floor for brands to outperform one another, especially during the busiest of all seasons, the Ready-to-Wear calendar. While some create a balance between the show aspect and the collection, other houses prefer to let their clothes do all the talking.

And such is Faith Connexion, a label that has gained global notoriety and mixes effortless class with fashion-forward looks. We sat down with Creative Director Nikola Vasari to learn more about our latest coup de cœur.

AM: Tell us more about your background and professional career
Faith Connexion had its initial origins in 2000 in Paris and was bought by Groupe Allard in 2012, where it was rebranded and rebirthed. Faith is a laboratory of young talent - experimenting in art, fashion and street-culture. The idea was a multi-brand concept of talent within a brand, visualized by Alexandre Allard and in 2014, Allard decided to connect the dots and bring a collective of talent together, starting with a tribe of creativity and people that  inspired him, brought energy, drive and a new translation of fashion and streetwear.

I started back in 2014 with Faith Connexion. I came to Faith working as a style consultant and I was part of the Faith tribe where I designed capsule collections through my own label NVDS. My experience prior to becoming creative director of Faith allowed me to truly understand the brand’s DNA. Previously I was working for several couture houses in Paris after graduating from Duperré School and Institut Français de la mode. I was named Creative Director of Faith Connexion in September 2018.

AM: How would you describe the Faith Connexion woman?
The Faith Connexion woman is fearless and independent. Even though I toned it down with the SS20 collection, the grunge in the clothes definitely remains in her attitude. She is also a globetrotter ready to take over the world. There is a boyish side to her too.

AM: To what extent do you follow the latest trends?
I always trust my instinct when it comes to trends. I look at other shows of course but my inspirations comes mainly from the research and the creative process. I get inspired by many things in life – it’s important to keep your mind open and trust your feelings. However, I also have to pay attention to what our clients like and buy.

Faith Connexion Spring/Summer 2020 Ready-to-Wear
AM: So what was the inspiration behind the Spring/Summer 2020 collection?
New Horizons is the name I gave to this new collection. It was an invitation to travel, explore new territories, looking in new directions while finding inspiration in the past. There was time travel as-well with influences coming from the 20’s "années folles" and the 70s - both periods of innovation and freedom. There was also a desire to propose clothes meant for outdoor activities, like horseback riding and motocross but with a couture twist. Other pieces were inspired by English army and workwear meant for street-couture adventurers.

AM: From New York to Paris, what makes Paris Fashion Week so essential for a fashion designer/brand?
I still believe that showing a runway in Paris gives a level of prestige that you can’t compare with other cities. I love the energy and creativity of London though! Milan and New York are also essential cities currently showcasing some of the biggest names in the industry.

AM: What are your next projects?
Designing the next Fall/Winter collection for men’s and a pre-collection while preparing the next women’s main collection and show taking place in February 2020 – in Paris, of course!