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Paris Agenda: Chaumet Is Autrement In Paris 

Once again, Maison Chaumet fascinates with a new exhibition that brings together photography, art, design, history and high jewelry all under the same Parisian roof.

Autrement Exhibition is the latest masterpiece at the Chaumet store located on 165 Boulevard Saint-Germain, and which takes place from October 1 to November 2, 2019.

The French house chose Swedish photographer Julia Hetta to play with the finest of jewelry in unconventional ways. A ring adorns the hair, a necklace becomes a royal tiara and a brooch is transformed into a pendant, all worn by women from different époques and parts of the world.

The captivating photographs are placed in equally beautiful and antique frames from the renowned Maison Lebrun (founded in Paris in 1847), and that brings Chaumet's narrative to life: a brand that is keen on connecting its glorious history with the modernity of today's world.

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