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Les Ciels de Chaumet High Jewelry Collection

A Milky Way of pure diamonds and gemstones sculpted with the finest craftsmanship forms Chaumet’s newest high jewelry collection. Shooting stars for a surreal sensation, meteoroids for an out-of-this-world experience, and the golden sun rays of the mother of all stars are omnipresent in Les Ciels de Chaumet.

A collection with deep and mesmerizing colored gemstones of different shades, and that embodies the sky's moods and what it constitutes of mysteries and wonders.

For this season, Maison Chaumet was also inspired by cultural symbols like sacred Japanese birds, ancient Egyptian designs as it recreated a conversation among renowned painters (think of the works of Picasso, Matisse, Van Gogh and more).

From Les Caprices du Ciel set, a necklace of arranged clouds that are not a typical gloom as they beam with golden strikes. Instead of an autumn rain they drop a yellow sapphire as a center piece. 

From Les Couleurs du Ciel set, a pair of earrings reincarnating the colorful sun in its dissimilar colors, from its rise and peak until its pre-dissolution state. Rose gold, yellow sapphires with diamonds radiate the warmth of the sun.

From Les Fulgurances du Ciel set, a bracelet made of several stars that gently hug a woman’s wrist. Stellar yet subtle, this jewel is for a femme who prefers to shine with Chaumet’s signature rare white diamonds.

From Les Habitants du Ciel set, a brooch for the dreamers of freedom and the rhythm between birds and the sky. Made with green tsavorite garnets from Africa it is reminiscent of the connection of land with the beyond.