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How To Look Your Best During A Summer Vacation

We all love vacations and the freedom they bring us. It’s a time for pleasure only when nothing should be able to spoil our fun. One of the best parts of summer vacations is the effortlessness they bring. However, in order to have that during our trip, we need to make some preparations in order to be ready when it’s time to go. As we’ll be spending most of our time in bathing suits at the beach, there isn’t much point in doing your hair or thinking about makeup. Instead, let’s focus on other things that will make us look absolutely gorgeous every day on the beach.

Choose your bathing suit
As your signature look for the time being will mostly be comprised of your swimsuit, it’s important to choose the one that flatters your figure the most. Choosing the perfect bathing suit is important and it’s worth spending a lot of money on if its quality is high. We all have different weak and strong points regarding our appearance and our criteria can be difficult to please. This is why this activity should be taken seriously and under no circumstances should it be done last-minute.

Do your nails
Given that you probably won’t be wearing any jewellery or makeup to the beach, your main accessory will be your nails. This is something you should think about before the vacation. Make sure your nails match your bathing suit and get them to your desired length and shape. Considering that they need to last, it’s best if you use a gel polish instead of the regular one as it lasts longer. Also, you may wish to have some special pattern done in order to beautify yourself, which is a great excuse to visit some of the good nail salons nearby and do something extra cute with your nails.

Beach look
Keep in mind that other parts of your beach outfit should match your swimsuit. They include something to wear over the suit, as well as flip-flops, some cool shades and possibly a hat. All these items should be prepared in advance, so if you don’t have them ready yet, it’s time to do some shopping. As for the outfit, you may consider getting one of those cute beach ponchos that are guaranteed to leave the whole beach breathless.

Get a pedicure
Try to remember that well-nurtured skin and body are the essence of any beautiful look. All the accessories and outfits in the world won’t help you unless you’ve taken care of the basics. One of the things women tend to forget is feet. If you have rough feet with a lot of dead skin piled up, there is nothing in this world that can make you look beautiful on the beach. So, a pedicure prior to going on a vacation is an absolute necessity. Once your feet are healthy and soft, you’ll be able to achieve that perfect beach look.

Take care of the hair situation one day before the trip so your skin has enough time to recover, but the smoothness of your skin stays throughout your whole vacation. Say goodbye to daily shaving and forget razors. Take some time before the trip and get hairy, then get a wax. It’s a great relief and a weight off your shoulder not to have to think about unwanted hair all over your body during vacation. Once you take care of the situation, all that’s left to do is hydrate the skin and enjoy the absolute smoothness that is eager to be shown at the beach.

Last, but not least, pay attention to the products you use during your vacation. Some of them don’t combine well with sea salt and the sun, while others work well. A general rule says that you should use moisturizing products that hydrate the skin as it can get dry from the combination of the sea and the sunny weather. Also, use a good SPF cream, as well as an after-tanning lotion. Once you have all the zones covered, you’ll be ready for the vacation of your dreams. While others struggle to take care of their looks on vacation, you’ll already be looking gorgeous because you prepared well, so all that’s left to do is enjoy it to the fullest.