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Shakira: A Woman Who Craves Peace That Feels Like Freedom

On February 2nd, 1977 an ambitious girl whose roots are Colombian, Lebanese and Italian was born in Barranquilla, Colombia. A woman who made her way into fame with sincere love, perfection, and a will to leave this world with a genuinely strong fingerprint.

Shakira is a singer, songwriter, lover, mother of two beautiful boys, Grammy-winner, activist, philanthropist and a UNICEF goodwill ambassador who touches each and every person with a ray of sunshine, hope and compassion.

She started her career when she was a teenager by recording her very first album when she was only 13. She kept on dreaming of success until she released her first English album in 2001, Laundry Service, which paved her way into the music industry with huge capabilities and presence.

Shakira is one of the world's best leaders and defenders when it comes to education and helping people get their rights. She was granted a humanitarian award on April 3, 2006 for starting a charitable foundation, Pies Descalzos/Barefoot, to help children in Colombia escape violence. She then teamed up with fellow Colombian author Gabriel Marquez to launch a child poverty foundation, America Latina en Accion Solidaria/Latin America in Solidarity Action, for fighting poverty in Latin America. Moreover, she was invited to The White House by President Obama in 2010 to discuss early childhood development, and in 2011 was appointed as a member of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics.

Never forget to mention that she was also awarded many times for other humanitarian actions, despite the fact that she is one of the most-awarded artists since she is the best-selling Latin singer in the world.

Speaking of her fandom, the 'Shakifans’ is a very big and loving fandom! She has adoring and respectful fans all over the world who love her and support her endlessly. Fortunately, she is also loved by other fandoms and artists. She is even a motivation for many great artists in the world.

Personally speaking, Shak has been my first and only inspiration since I was so little. She taught me that after the storm the sun always comes out. She is the one I lean on when I'm in need of support even when she is millions of miles away. Her songs have been my only solace in dark days -- songs that touch every aspect of life with strong integrity and a will to better the world with maybe (if I could say) a hypnotic wand made of Shakira's magic.

That is how she became one of the most known stars on earth. By believing, fighting, and giving sacrifices. She's literally a song written by the hands of God.

Article by Isal Machouh owner of a Shakira fan site - Illustration by Madhav Sankar R Warrier