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Agnès B. Men & Women Fall/Winter 2019

How can an artist remain so loyal to French heritage without being labeled as cliché or démodé? How can a couturier present two collections every year (for over four decades), and avoid redundancy? Ms. Agnès B., the woman boss who made cardigan a universal “it” piece, seems to have the right answers.

Her clothes are for everyone; the artist who refuses to follow fading trends, the career-driven business graduate meets the casual high school girls and boys from the block.

Suits for women, before men. Long coats, elegant dresses and matching berets. The always-present Brittany fisherman vibes with the blue and white-stripped motif.

Suede, wool, cashmere and leather, a must for the chilly Parisian winter. Subtle and classical colors with a few poppy hues because uniformity is plane boring.