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Our Stella McCartney Check-List

If you are running short on Christmas and holiday gifts ideas, and if your special someone (or yourself) is a fan of luxury and ethical fashion, then a Stella McCartney piece is what you need.

A Stella McCartney bag is always à la mode
Leather is definitely not for everyone and that’s why the stylish Falabella tote bag has become a worldwide hit. Our all time favorite is the black reversible tote, a staple accessory for all year long. And if you are part of the logo mania movement, the Monogram collection has so much for you.

A Stella McCartney shoe for a comfortable life
Platform shoes were so Spice Girls era, until Stella re-imagined the model and transformed them into must-haves. The shoe collection includes the signature Sneak Elyses (with some stars for a sparkling holiday), the colorful Eclypse sneakers and the very comfortable Loop sneakers.

A Stella McCartney sunny for a brighter tomorrow
December might not be the sunniest month, but why not anticipate the beach season in advance? You can either choose one of the classic black pairs or the funky Icy Ice sunglasses.

Stella McCartney for your precious ones
Yes, Christmas presents are made for kids so don’t you worry because the brand has something to offer your sweethearts too. Your toddler, infant or child can look fashionable with a stellar and colorful garment for an even happier holiday.

Head over to the nearest Stella McCartney store or and select a special holiday present now.