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Stylish Gifts For Him

As Destiny’s Child sang ‘doesn’t it feel like Christmas?’ It does, doesn’t it? Even though the beginning of December is just looming, if you want to give your beloved one a gift that is meaningful, thoughtful and reflects his taste, you better start scouting early. No great Christmas gift has even been found at the last minute, but you already know that. If the man in your life is all about style and finer things in life, let that be your guiding star. It will make picking out just the perfect thing all the more easier. Still, if you’re running fresh out of ideas, we’ve compiled a list of five ultimately stylish ones that will make both yours and his face light up.

Eyewear extravaganza
A pair of killer specs is an absolute Christmas gift. Perhaps it’s not the right season for great eyewear, especially if you live in the Northern hemisphere where the winter time is scarce on sunbeams. Still, this is an incredibly stylish gift as every man of style simply has to have great sunglasses that will complete his equally dapper outfits. It’s fashion 101. In any case, spring will come around in a blink of an eye, so think of this as a long-term gift that he will relish for years to come – unless he accidentally breaks them.

A date night to remember
A candlelit dinner, just me and my honey. Sometimes, it’s best to say it with actions, set the perfect mood and then finish the evening off with a surprise gift. You can trick him into thinking that his gift is a dinner comprised of his very favorite courses and at the end of the evening, you spring the real gift on him. If your man is a spirit man, and a fine spirit man at that, make it your mission to look for Archie Rose gin online, and scout until you’ve found the very best gin. It’s great for making superb cocktails, and if you want to spice up the evening, you can even open it up right there on the spot or wait for an even more special occasion.

Love for accessories
Have in mind something to keep him stylish, warm and cozy. If true winter weather dominates where you are, one of the gifts that simply has to find its way on the list is an amazing set consisting a great hat or a fedora (you know which one he prefers), amazing leather gloves and a cashmere scarf. If you truly want to take things up a notch, you will throw in a high-quality designer belt, just to complete the collection and have your man walk out the house looking more dapper than Don Draper himself. Pack it all up in individual boxes so that each new unwrapping brings a new smile on his face. There’s no better feeling than giving him just the perfect thing and seeing from his reaction just how much he loves it.

A fashion trending gift

Go for the perfect camel-color coat to match all the winter accessories. If you’re feeling really generous this year, you will make sure to get at least two things off this list. Still, if you’re set on just one perfect stylish gift, there is no better choice than a classic camel coat. Camel, aside from gray, is considered to be one of the most luxury-exuding hues, so your man of style will certainly up his fashion game with a coat like this. As you probably already know his size, you’ll have no trouble purchasing just the right one. Still, keep the receipt just in case it’s a wee bit small or big so you can exchange it for the one that fits just right. You know that, when it comes to fashion, it is all about the fit.

Just pamper him
‘A nice back rub and massaged my feet’. At the risk of sounding cheesy, one of the best gifts you can give is quality private festive time. Pamper your honey with a great meal, a nice massage, great cheerful conversation and displays of affection. Then, you can spring the element of surprise on him yet again. Just before bedtime, suggest that he takes a shower, and when he comes out, have an incredibly chic black satin robe waiting for him, along with great leather slippers and the most incredible minimalistic pair of comfy pajamas laid out on the bed. A man of style deserves to look great even when he doesn’t go outside. He lives that life even in his sleep and around the house. Hence, this bedtime set will represent absolute perfection.

No, not all gifts are made equal, some are just better and more fashionable than others. The key is knowing your ‘audience’ – in this case, your man and giving him exactly the thing he would love. We have given you a list of foolproof ideas, so whichever one you choose to go with, you are bound to wow your man and expect a great gift in return.

Article by Peter, a lifestyle and travel writer at Men-Ual and Ivania's Mode magazine, living between the UK and Australia.