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Claude Monet House & Gardens: A Taste Of Spring In Autumn

Whether you are an art enthusiast or not, you have probably seen at least one of Claude Monet’s paintings like his most famous Water Lilies series.

Monet is the founder of the school of impressionism and his works have transcended his home country France to become a symbol of a new style of painting worldwide. Recently, a piece signed by Monet was sold for over 80 million dollars, making it amongst the most expensive paintings of all time.

One of the most visited sites in the French Normandy region that happens to be a source of the painter’s inspiration is the Claude Monet's House & Garden in Giverny, France (Le Fondation Monet).

Accessible to the public from March till the end of October, and for just an hour ride from Paris, you will get the chance to witness the enchanting domain before your very own eyes.

The gardens, which have a springy feeling throughout the year, are a bouquet of colors, styles and flowers from all around the world surrounding his picturesque house. The first Clos-Normand garden was a replicate of his artistic style with more than a thousand flowers planted in patterns across the land. The second is a water garden where you will find the one and only Japanese bridge, the lilies and various oriental plants.

His residence of 40 years feels like a cozy dollhouse full of colors and mixture of designs. The ground floor includes the living room and studio, the dining room and a blue-tiled kitchen, while the first floor is for the bedrooms and private apartments.

So if you are already missing the Spring/Summer season, do plan yourself a day trip to the town of Giverny. Click here to book your tickets