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Will Robots Replace Humans Soon?

We definitely had mixed emotions when we attended the session Androids, AI, and the Future of Human Creativity during the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

Not only was the topic quite controversial, but also there was a semi-human robot, Totto, participating in the panel on stage. Totto is the creation of Professor Ishiguro, a leading scientist in robotics, in partnership with TV Asahi and Dentsu.

Since a couple of decades robots have been replacing mundane human jobs in a lot of fields, and as the years pass by, they have started taking on “smart” jobs. But does that mean they could replace all human activities soon?

According to Professor Ishiguro this might be the case. But he is not a pessimist because he believes that human lives will be drastically and positively remodeled. Instead of spending time in the workspace, humans will have more time for education and personal growth; hence bigger inventions are on the way. The world of tomorrow is all about the creation of new alliances, new communities and new societies.

Luckily, robots will need more time to develop and they will not take over your jobs in the next few years. However, the future will mostly change and so will the role of humans. For the better or for the worse? Only time can tell.

Click here to meet Totto the robot.

By Victor N.