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Learning Lessons From Airport Club Hotel In Basel

When vacationers and tourists think of an airport hotel they tend to eliminate it from their options of accommodation. Historically, hotels that are close to airports have been linked to business trips, seminars and layovers. But after a couple of days at The Airport Club Hotel of Basel, Switzerland we realized that an airport hotel could be a good option for all kinds of travels.

So here is our golden checklist of essential services that will help you select the right airport hotel.

Proximity to City Center
This is a factor that is directly related to the distance between the airport and the city center. While some airports are situated far away in the suburbs, Basel airport’s is less than 30 minutes by car from the center. Its highway is not renowned for traffic jams, which makes the voyage from The Airport Club Hotel in a shuttle or taxi quite quick. 

Comfortable Rooms
It’s a hotel after all and it should be as comfortable as possible. Besides the space of the room, the huge TV, and Nespresso coffee machine, the rooms of the Airport Club Hotel are equipped with a kitchenette and a Spa-like bathroom with a selection of premium soaps and creams.

Relaxing Zones
And speaking of Spas, the hotel has a panoramic indoor swimming pool, a sauna, hammam, jacuzzi, a fitness room and a full-fledged Spa for all types of massages after a busy day. Now that’s something that will seal the deal!

Good food, Good mood
Since you might want to spend a day in you need to make sure the hotel has a good restaurant. And that’s what we liked about the Airport Club Hotel of Basel. After a delicious breakfast, you have a menu du jour for lunch and dinner (in addition to à la carte and gastronomical meals), with a Zen bar for an afternoon drink.

Other services
A shuttle from the airport is also crucial. While an airport hotel is usually close to the airport, it might not be accessible on foot. The shuttle bus that was sent to us by the Airport Club Hotel saved us a lot of time and made our journey smoother from the very beginning. If you travel by car, make sure your hotel has an accessible parking. And for those of you planning a business event, take a look at the hotel’s conference rooms and technological equipment.

So if you happen to be visiting Basel town for tourism, or to attend Baselworld show or Art Basel fair, then we highly recommend the Airport Club Hotel for you.

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