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Hermès Men Spring/Summer 2019

An Hermès collection portrays what it does best: a close relationship between fashion, nature and the equestrian heritage. Hermès has never employed the shock factor nor intended to distort its identity for a new facet, at least not under the creative direction of Véronique Nichanian (in post since the late 80s).

If you are seeking more colors for Spring/Summer 2019, then Hermès has what you need. Different shades of green, yellow and of course, their signature orange, were used on leather jackets, cotton garments and accessories.

An elegantly simple outfit is what you can aim for when selecting an item from the brand. Of course, to add some extra spice, an oversized Birkin bag could never hurt.

The unique savoir-faire of Hermès is what transforms a purchase into a long-term investment.