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Guo Pei Fall/Winter 2018 Haute Couture

An out of this world show with extravagant couture is the least you could expect when you attend a Guo Pei catwalk.

For her Fall/Winter collection the designer was inspired by gothic architecture and walking cathedrals was what we got (literally). The masterpieces, which required days, sometimes months, of embroidery and hand craftsmanship, left us in total awe. While some gowns might not be wearable for an ordinary soirée, others are more or less adaptable after minor alterations.  

The location of the Cité de l’Architecture couldn’t have been more appropriate for dresses that are museum worthy and should somehow be showcased and protected behind glass facades.

A feeling of surrealism and supernaturalism is what we left this couture show with. Undoubtedly, Guo Pei remains the ambassador of Chinese haute couture on a global spectrum.