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Dunhill Spring/Summer 2019

A brand that remains loyal to the elegance of a leather piece should be none other than Dunhill.

For Spring/Summer 2019, Creative Director Mark Weston aimed to redefine what is known as classic menswear. Inspired from the cultural richness and diversity omnipresent in modern British culture, Weston contrasts and combines various styles, layers and textures.

The 80s era is chosen as the palette of expression before it is time-transported and transformed to modern 2019. Relaxed tailoring, fusing what seems as two distinct notions of classic and contemporary, crafts very masculine masterpieces.

Split hem trousers, waistcoats for a spring breeze, a fine leather bag, an evening wear item matched with a daytime ensemble, transforms a rock star look into comfortable street wear. All in all, British sophistication remains present in Dunhill’s universe.