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Diamond Legends For 130 Years Of De Beers

Diamonds, associated with supernatural powers, a symbol of beauty, love and esteem, are at the heart of the Diamond Legends collection by De Beers. An elegant assortment that genuinely celebrates the 130 years of De Beers heritage as the “Home of Diamonds.”

Four high jewelry sets: Cupid, Vulcan, Ra and Celestia are an embodiment of the Diamond myths and tales that have been told throughout history and across ancient civilizations.

Cupid Set 
Who’s better than infamous cupid, the roman god of desire and love, to inspire a very romantic collection? His precious diamond-tipped arrows carved outstanding jewelry by De Beers.

Cupid Ear Cuffs: a piece that evokes the Roman god’s outstretched and feathery wings, adorned with pear-shaped diamond drops. Made with a 1.80 carat and a 1.77 carat diamond.

Vulcan Set
The Olympian god Vulcan used the strength of diamonds to dig treasures in the depths of volcanoes. Just after, a flaming lava of diamonds and precious stones exploded into this refined set. 

Vulcan Pear-Cut Ring: the Vulcan set evokes molten lava flowing from a crater with polished round diamonds, pouring to fancy colour diamonds, pear-shaped diamond drops and rough diamonds, with textures that hint at the surface of volcanic rocks. An exceptional 3.53 carat pear-shaped diamond surrounded by rough diamonds.

Celestia Set
Celestia is believed by the ancients Greeks and Romans to be the journey of the tears of the gods from the heavenly sky to the soil. A collection with a dreamy story that carries stardust and radiates with crystal beauty.

Celestia Bracelet: bezel-set round brilliant diamonds slowly turn to pear-shaped diamonds like tears falling from the sky. Symbolizing an accumulation of tears and the ultimate gift of diamonds from above. 

RA Set
A sacred collection visualized after the sun’s power in Pharaonic Egypt. Ra - the sun god - was considered as the creator of the world. He serves as the muse behind the set’s circular designs and the golden rays emitted by its yellow diamonds.

Ra Necklace: a medallion radiates with the sun-like energy of a 3 carat yellow diamond, set on a sautoir chain of yellow round brilliant diamonds, white marquise and princess-cut diamonds suspended between white pavé motifs, inspired by the sacred ankh. With a detachable central and outer motif, this medallion can be worn in multiple ways as a pendant or brooch, while the chain can also be worn alone.