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Le Grand Bain: A Feel Good Movie In Cannes

Le Grand Bain is one of those feel good movies we all need to watch every now and then. It was a sweet treat for many attendees who covered the very film-saturated, and often dramatic, week during the Cannes Film Festival.

Le Grand Bain is a comedy film that follows the life of a group of middle-aged men each facing his own struggles; unemployment, depression, family problems, loneliness, and other personal issues. They somehow end up seeking refuge in a team of synchronized swimming team, and as bizarre as it may seem, the enriching and crucial team support becomes highly cherished by each member.

The famous French actor/director Gilles Lellouche brought together a talented cast of men. Personalities who first seem to be different and distant, until they become a team of faux-athletes who defy their realities by competing with their heads held high in tight swimming trunks and hair caps. The film is a message of hope and of finding the real meaning of life through friendship and community.

Click here to watch the trailer.

Article by G.N.