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Spotlight on Park Hotel & Spa Katharina in Badenweiler, Germany

Many tourists who think of Germany will often not associate the western-European country with the Roman civilization. Yet the German city of Badenweiler remains an evidence of a common history with the empire. Not only because of the ruins that are present to this date, but also because of what the city is most known for, its warm mineral springs. The resort’s thermal water brings Mediterranean vibes to the heart of the infamous black forest.

The city, sunny throughout the year, is located on green hills accessible via Switzerland (Basel) or France (Mulhouse), which are only 30 minutes away.

To discover the relaxing area, we chose a residence that reflected the ambience of Badenweiler, the Park Hotel & Spa Katharina. The hotel is located in the city center and offers amenities and premium services that will make your stay as pleasant as can be!

A Room With A View
The hotel’s comfortable and zen rooms are surrounded by natural scenery of trees, mountains and enchanting sounds of water pouring from the nearby Spa Park. Just open the window early in the morning and listen to nature’s music orchestrated by the German countryside.

Fine Dining
The hotel’s restaurant is dedicated to the hotel’s guests and very poplar among the local residents. Make sure to book a table and enjoy a good wholesome meal. Other resting areas are the hotel’s bar facing the green mountains, and the restaurant’s terrace for a cold drink and a good dose of fresh air.

Spa Time
When in Badenweiler, the first thing that comes to mind is Spa. Get pampered by a Spa treatment downstairs at the hotel. Either book yourself a session, or enjoy the sauna, hammam and the indoor warm swimming pool open till the late evening. No need to rush if you arrived late after a long day of travel or outdoor activities.

Visit the Roman Bath Ruins
Just a few steps away from Park Hotel & Spa Katharina are the ruins of Badenweiler’s Roman history. Discovered in the 1820s, the ruins are considered to be one of the best-preserved roman baths. Historians believe that it has witnessed romantic moments due to the “si me amas” (if you only loved me) phrase that was found on an antique garment.

Climb up Castle Baden
A beautiful walk up to the enchanting castle will fill your heart with the purest form of oxygen (and make you burn some extra calories). At its peak is a panoramic view of the region’s gem, the black forest. The restored castle was built at the beginning of the 12th century and was owned by various noblemen including Henry the Lion.

So if you are seeking a destination to unplug your daily worries, reconnect with nature, and focus on your body and soul’s well being then Park Hotel & Spa Katharina and the city of Badenweiler are your kind of place!

Book yourself a weekend (or more) at the hotel here, and take a look at the city’s tourist office here.