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de GRISOGONO Jewelry: When More Is More

After a very watch-studded week and rendezvous with leading watchmakers and jewelry houses, it was time to head to the 2-floor pop-up showroom of de GRISOGONO to discover their latest watches.

To our surprise the session included much more than just watches, but also a select collection of fine jewelry (which was a much needed change during Baselworld 2018).

A few moments later we started perceiving diamonds and gemstones of all colors and sizes, that were just bigger than life. Some pieces reminded us of that moment when you bump into an A-list celebrity on a red carpet and need a few seconds to grasp the vision!

The Swiss jewelry maison was not only proud to showcase the new collection, but also to celebrate its 25th anniversary since its establishment in 1993 by founder Fawaz Gruosi.

Gruosi (who is of Lebanese-Italian origins), transformed his Mediterranean and Latin background on the de GRISOGONO canvas. He explained: “Life brings me great joy. There is no more supreme expression of joy than creating… For me, this jubilee represents the legitimate sense of pride that stems from realizing that – within just 25 years – we have made an indelible mark on high jewelry. We have written new rules, upended conventions and invented a style so distinctive that a de GRISOGONO creation is unlike any other. It is instantly recognizable and naturally stands out from the rest… Each and every design evokes a memory or an emotion that fills me with an immaterial form of wealth: that of creativity.”

And we do agree, because when you purchase de GRISOGONO you want to attract the lights, be it the camera, spectators or the eyes of your beloved one. A de GRISOGONO feels like a vintage piece that has been sent to an atelier to for an upgrade.

And while it was quite a challenge to select the star pieces, below are our top picks.

Inspired by free-spirited, strong, ambitious and self-confident young women, Fawaz Gruosi’s older daughter is the muse of the collection.

Allegra embodies a free movement, an invitation to live life to the full. In an infinite circle, a woven gold ribbon with delicately entwined rings flows in continuous motion with polished or diamond-set gold bands.

As it was intended by Fawaz Gruosi, the Cascata is a breathtaking piece of jewelry that also happens to tell time (talk about the best of both worlds!).

Cascata features dainty prongs paved with 126 brilliant-cut diamonds bearing the 72 oval-cut stones composing the exquisitely hemmed watch bezel. With more more than 30 carats gems forming a subtly graduated flow that trace the oval shape of the watch and reveal a dial snow-set with 148 stones. Shining in its center sits an over one-carat rose-cut stone delicately framed by a pavé setting.

Sculpted by artisans’ expert hands for over a week’s worth of work to meet the demanding criteria of outstanding craftsmanship and endowed with exceptional finishing.

Millefoglie is recognized for its layering slim strips of gold hemmed with generous diamonds, united and yet independent from each other. Each motif is mobile and the movement of one sweeps the others into a dance. A gentle geometrical effect playing on symmetry and asymmetry.

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