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Why Naples Is Bella

For our latest vacation we wanted to choose a city in Bella (beautiful) Italia. We have already visited all of the famous ones like Rome, Venice, Florence, and have passed by Naples in bus on our way to Capri. So we thought: Why not Naples? We have all grown up eating the Neapolitan Pizza, it's only fair we visit its homeland.

So Naples it was! We booked our tickets right away and without hesitation, since we were already familiar with Italy and didn't need to launch an A-to-Z kind of research. But hours after we received the plane confirmation we started regretting our decision.

Why? Well, as many of you, we go through a dozen of travel forums, guides and websites. We like to mix it up, so we include luxury and backpacking kind of vacation references. And the moment we started googling local activities in Naples, all we would see were comments describing Naples as dirty, scary, chaotic and unsafe. We have to admit that we were completely terrified, and didn't know how we could manage to stay there the least amount of time possible, out of fear of being robbed by the "mafia."

As summer approached we planned some visits and escapades to neighboring areas. And fast forward to the day of travel, from the very moment we landed in Naples, we were amazed by a vibrant and lively city. Another face of Naples that was way different from what we have read.

Just walking through its picturesque narrow streets, with laundry hanging out from one building to another, will make you feel like you are on a Hollywood movie set. There is so much to do and places to visit in and around the city. Yes it could be crowded and a little disorganized, but it's an adventure by itself, especially to those who like to experience new things.

At the end of the day, each person's travel experience depends on his/her preferences. Before deciding on a destination, you have to remember that you will pass a couple of days and not move there permanently. So that's why we believe that if you are a lover of the real Italian way of life, then you will definitely enjoy Naples. Naples has Italian vibes all over!

To-visit-list in Naples:
  • Historical center (Duomo di Napoli and the surrounding area)
  • Palazzo Reale (Royal Palace)
  • Piazza del Plebiscito (City Center)
  • Chiaia Seasfront (The Italian version of Cannes' La Croisette)
Day trips outside of Naples:
  • Pompeii Ruins
  • Island of Capri
  • Island of Ischia