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An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power Avant Première

We were recently invited by Paramount Pictures France and Fondation GoodPlanet to attend the avant première of Une suite qui dérange : Le temps de l'action (An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power) before its release in France on September 27 2017.

Like many of you, we were first introduced to the global warming phenomenon through Al Gore's revolutionary documentary An Inconvenient Truth. Eleven years later, the sequel continues the mission.

In his new project, Al Gore documents his journey to the Paris climate conference agreement in 2015. While he highlights the progress of some developed and developing countries throughout the past decade, he gives spectators a backstage access to the different political and economical obstacles of the international Eco-movement. 

In a world shocked by natural disasters on a semi-monthly basis, the global warming prevention battle is far from being resolved. Al Gore remains hopeful but calls for more action, from individuals, organizations and nations.

P.S. Watch the trailer here and if you are interested in spending an Eco-friendly day in the heart of Pairs, visit Fondation GoodPlanet here.