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Valentino Men Fall/Winter 2018

Glamorous - yet effortless Italian vibes is what we got during the Valentino Men Fall/Winter 2018 show.

Strong music, bright lights and the ravishing venue of the Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild in Paris, served as the setting for what seemed as the cherry on top of our very fashion-saturated day.

The theme of this year’s collection is all about uniqueness, being authentic and having a love connection with your garments. The traditional ensemble is brought to the next level; the coat transcends its functional side, the tracksuit is redefined as a suit, and the top is the foundation of it all. No need to stress when a Valentino white sneakers becomes a staple during the day, till the late hours. Dark colors always a classic, but why not mix and match earthy colors here, and popping colors there? It’s not about being rebellious: it’s a novel state of mind.

This season’s perfect mix consists of throwing in a pair of trousers, an overcoat, and some sneakers and you are ready to go. And don’t forget the Valentino Garavani messenger bag for that extra oomph!

What we truly valued is that in a world where fashion tries to break the noise with eccentricity, sometimes non-wearable, Valentino cuts through the industry with simple gestures of romanticism and smoothness for the gentleman of today. Hence making youthful looks seem iconic.

Yet another successful collection by Pierpaolo Piccioli that left us in awe as we anticipate his Haute Couture collection next week.

For the full looks, click here.