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How To Dress Like A Parisian

Throughout the years, fashion has been constantly adapting to the daily lifestyles of customers. This global movement justifies why Ready-to-Wear collections are more in demand than Haute Couture. So if you thought that a typical Parisian is always dressed in a soirée-kind of attire, than you might have to think again.

Yes, Paris is the capital of fashion. The birthplace of Dior, Chanel and Givenchy, but it is also a cosmopolitan city where people have to rush to work, take the subway and run errands. Hence Parisians do prefer wearing practical garments after all. 

For instance, extreme high heels are not bestsellers in Paris, as they are not easy to walk in and may seem over the top. That being said, Parisian ladies do like to wear a small heel with tights, paired with a knee length dress. Yet Parisians are more and more adopting comfortable looks. Men and women opt for fitted denim, quality jumpers and a pair of trendy sneakers.

Bright colors are not favorable and neither are huge brand logos. Neutral colors like black, grey, dark blue and beige are part of their daily wardrobes, specifically for staple items like a coat or a jacket. Popping colors are kept for accessories like a scarf, hat, gloves or a bag. Generally speaking, Parisians like to keep it subtle in terms of designs and colors. Therefor, you can never go wrong with wearing head-to-toe black.

And when it comes to the different regions of Paris, in some arrondissements, like the BoBo Montmartre, Bastille, Canal Saint Martin and the Marais, wearing a relaxed outfit is totally appropriate. However, in other ones like the poshy 7th, 8th and 16th districts, everyone is always so chic à la française. But most importantly, walking around in your jogging suit is an enormous error, a fashion suicide, in whichever corner you go to in Paris!

So before you pack your bags, spare yourself the extra baggage (and overweight charges), and apply the French proverb “la simplicité fait la beauté” (less is more).