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Issey Miyake Spring/Summer 2018

The Issey Miyake collection has always been a show by itself, but why not start it with three human dancers expressing flexibility in all its forms? Only to foreshadow the connection between fashion, people and nature.

And just when you think the show couldn’t get any color, you realize that in fact, this year’s Spring/Summer Ready-to-Wear collection, is actually inspired by the frozen nation of Iceland.

The landscapes of rocks covered in moss across the rays of the sun, and crystal clear glaciers were all transformed and interpreted on innovative fabrics and cuts. Blue, white and brown were the main colors of choice, reflecting nature in all its shades.

Three-dimensional forms were definitely the stars of the season; those that can stretch out and create their own space as they unfold into visual masterpieces.

When you think of innovation and simplicity think of Issey Miyake.