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Princess Diana: One Of Us

I believe this statement to be true. Princess Diana was definitely one of us. She was raised in a broken home, had a difficult upbringing, ended up in a loveless marriage that turned her into a single parent of two children with a modern if not a rebellious approach of parenting disapproved by the traditionalists at the palace, and was in a constant search for a role that would provide her with a sense of fulfillment as a woman. In a sense, and because she has uncovered the story of her life in her own words twenty five years ago in 1992, women all over the world connected with her, and so do I.

I spent my teenage years following her obsessively, reading books written about her, and watching documentaries made about her at the aim to understand her charismatic character. To me, Diana was a very sensitive person, who never missed any opportunity during her short life to show her sincere emotions, to give love and compassion, and to express her genuine care and kindness to those around her, wither near or far, rich or poor. Yet, she was misunderstood, and still is, and in history books, I think that she will often be described as the 20th century’s rebellious princess, who almost destroyed the British monarchy. That is why I decided to use every platform available in the World Wide Web to tell her story, citing credible sources. First, I launched the Princess Diana Forever website, followed by the Instagram account two years ago.

Unfortunately, in the media, Diana is only remembered as a fashion icon, though she hated to be referred to only as a “clothes horse.” That is why I use my website and Instagram account now to re-introduce Diana, especially to the younger generation and Millennials who were born after her tragic death. Diana was a unique woman who used her inner and outer charisma, power and wealth for a good cause.

Diana defied stigmas by supporting Aids and Leprosy causes, and touching sufferers spontaneously, teaching the world that: “HIV doesn't make people dangerous to know, so you can shake their hands and give them a hug. Heaven knows they need it.” She has also broken the mold by fighting for children’s causes, particularly children with special needs and young victims of landmines, and for backing up other neglected causes like the homeless and the elderly. As a single parent, too, Diana has redefined royal parenting. Her modern approach of parenting made her sons’ better royals, who are understandable of people’s needs, reachable, and caring. She instilled these values to her sons, who in a way, made the British monarchy popular again.   

That was the real Diana, the world’s best mother and humanitarian. She was not a modern day Cinderella who lived happily ever after. In her short dramatic life, she taught us – most importantly women, lessons on how to stand up for our own rights as individuals, wives and mothers, to find fulfillment through a meaningful job, and to “Lead from the heart, not the head.” That is why she will always be “one of us.” And to me, she will forever be Diana the unforgettable.          

Article by Noura Al Obeidli owner of Princess Diana Forever Instagram Page - Illustration by Madhav Sankar R Warrier