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Interview With Beauty Bloggers Sonia & Fyza

Sonia & Fyza are two Middle Eastern beauty and makeup bloggers that have become an inspiration for many girls in the Arab world. Beauty, talent and art have made them popular on social media, with a following of more than 650,000 subscribers on Instagram.

AM: Please introduce us to the dynamic duo Sonia & Fyza
First of all we are sisters! We are both beauty lovers. Sonia is the beauty blogger who likes to test all the brands, and I (Fyza) am the makeup artist. We specialize in catering for women in the Middle East as we find it hard to select the right types of makeup and shades of foundation.

AM: How did you start off as beauty bloggers?

We both had different college specializations. I (Fyza) was more of the artistic one, whereas Sonia was the book smart girl. I wanted to bring my art to life, so I started doing makeup on Sonia when she was 13 and I was 15 years old. I then started doing makeup professionally at the age of 17, and three years ago I decided to open an Instagram page.

AM: Where do you get your make-up inspiration from?

From people around us, they could be friends, family members or even celebrities.

AM: How do you balance between classic and modern looks?
We actually like to bring the best of both worlds. And that is the western classic red carpet looks with a Middle Eastern twist.

AM: In your opinion, why does a woman need a make-up artist?

So many women can apply their makeup well, but it’s always nice to go for a new look. Hiring a makeup artist for an occasion or a special event gives a different touch. We also find it a relaxing experience, and we all deserve that kind of “me” time.

AM: What are some must have cosmetics that every woman needs to have in her bag?
You need to have a multi-purpose item, something that you can apply on your lips and that gives your cheeks the flushed look like Benefit Cosmetics Benetint. And a lip liner that works on every Middle Eastern skin tone like Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk, which is a must have!

AM: What kind of make-up brand categories do you use, and why?

Our makeup bags and kits are a mixture of many brands. Tom Ford is our absolute favorite because the formulas are just perfect. We also love Wow by Wojooh since it’s very catered to the Arab world. However, I believe that it’s not always about the brand but more about how you apply it.

AM: What is your advice and tip to Arab women concerning their beauty regimens?

You have to find the time to clean your skin, even if you were not wearing makeup during the day. And please try to use more natural products on your skin.

AM: What is a career objective you want to achieve?

We want to reach out to women all over the world regardless of their skin tone or shade. We want to teach women about their makeup and beauty regimens, because it is what makes us feel better. At the end of the day, we can all look and feel beautiful with a simple beauty routine. Ultimately, the love and passion for beauty products can bring women closer to one another.

For more makeup looks, follow Sonia & Fyza here.