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Spotlight On Vertu Mobile Phones: Where Technology Meets Luxury

In a world where luxury is king, and where people are seeking premium products and out-of-this world experiences, Vertu is one of the leading mobile phones enterprises that transformed technology into a luxury item.

Like many of you, these beautiful devices adorned by premium leathers and precious metals, have often intrigued us. So we had to sit down with the brand’s communication director to learn more about the technological gem that is Vertu.

AM: Please tell us more about the concept behind Vertu mobile phones and the brand’s history

First of all, the philosophy behind a Vertu mobile phone is that it should never break. It should remain in the same condition as it came out of the box a couple of years back. Simply said, our sapphire screen will never crack! Also, our mobile phone offers its owner luxury applications such as the infamous Vertu concierge service.

The Vertu mobile phone was born around 18 years ago, out of a concept developed by Nokia, when phones were often made out of plastic. So creating technology with aesthetics was quite innovative. It was launched with the rise of the luxury market in 2002, and has consequently become synonyms with everything luxury and lifestyle.

As of 2012, Vertu moved to a private equity, which allowed us to redefine the brand and change its technology and direction. So we worked with Google on the technological aspect using the Android operating system, while maintaining the excellence and craftsmanship of its material.

AM: Who is your target client?
Contrary to popular belief, our customers are not just millionaires. We have many young entrepreneurs who are always on the move, and who have a desire for travel and business. In fact two-thirds of the buyers of our smartphones belong to the 25 to 30 years age group.

We also have our loyal clients, who have bought Vertu from the very beginning. Our mature audience who seek cultural events, private memberships and premium services via our concierge service that assists them throughout their day. 

AM: So what is the Vertu concierge service all about?
So let’s say you want tickets to the Wimbledon Tennis Championship, all you have to do is contact your concierge and he/she will have them delivered to your doorstep.

Over the years, we have customized the service, and made it more tailed around the life of our customers. We have become a trusted provider for our users; we take that extra step to make sure we help them. For example, we know their preferences, the time they like to take their flight, their favorite food and hobbies. The concierge will often suggest events and activities happening around our customers, like informing them when their favorite band is touring in their city. That being said, the concierge service is always optional and customer confidentiality is an extremely serious matter to us.

AM: Marketing wise, how do you mange to remain so exclusive?
There is no definitive answer to this. We are often described as the Bentley or Rolls Royce of mobile phones. These car brands produce only 10 thousand models per year, yet we produce up to 260 thousand ones. However, keep in mind that other phone brands like Apple and Samsung produce in billions. So we have a foot in luxury and a foot in technology. In a way or another, we have created a new market category.

AM: Is higher public awareness something you want to work on?
We believe it partially stems from the fundaments of the luxury category which is based on exclusivity. And even though we don’t release many models yearly, we have managed to reserve our own spot in the technology industry, as people are more and more aware of our products, especially since we started working with Google. 

AM: You have a unique strategy when selecting brand ambassadors, what does it take to become the face of Vertu?
Our ambassadors are exclusive, they will often not endorse other brands. We have shifted from large-paid endorsement deals to personalities who are actually natural clients, which makes the collaboration quite organic. We don’t want someone who is paid to promote our brand, but rather a person we have developed a relationship with.
We believe that genuine engagement comes from people who are authentic; who have the product in their pockets and not just in front of the cameras.  

AM: What are the next projects of Vertu?

We are currently working on models of a lower selling price to reach a broader fan base. And our mission will always be to deliver the Vertu DNA: a premium and strong technology in a masterpiece device.

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Article by Victor