Interview With Celebrity Trainer Shahin Safai

You might have seen him in the media hanging out wit the Hadid family (yes, we mean Gigi and Bella), but he is a self-made man and the CEO of Royal Personal Training. He moved to the United States with a clear objective of making a name for himself in the fitness industry.

For someone who spends a lot of time at the gym and training celebrities in Los Angeles, we wanted to hear more about Shahin’s routine and professional advice.

AM: How did you start in the fitness and sports m├ętier
I feel as though I was born into the body of an athlete. I stared playing soccer when I was younger. And I was always around people that were helping me achieve my goals. So growing up, I wanted to be like that and to help people attain their aspirations, so I chose to become a fitness coach.

AM: Can you tell us more about Royal Personal Training?
Royal Personal Training’s concept is to transform working out to a very luxurious and high-end activity. It offers one-on-one fitness programs, and focuses on pure and hardcore personal training methods.

AM: We see you frequently at the gym, how do you keep yourself motivated?
What keeps me motivated is seeing the differences I make in my client’s attitude and life. Knowing that I wake up everyday to change a person’s life keeps me motivated to do what I do.

AM: What is your advice for beginners who want to get a gym membership and adopt a healthy lifestyle?

I would tell them to seek a personal training program as opposed to a gym membership, because it will be a 100% direct focus on the beginner’s goals.

AM: In your opinion, what are some fitness malpractices?
I would personally advice everyone that is not familiar with fitness to get some guidance, because they could eventually hurt themselves without any professional help.

AM: What are some tips you would give to the following types of people?
  • Gym addicts: Since you are already there, make sure you develop a good and healthy routine 
  • Athletes who take protein supplements: Be careful about your kidney
  • People who fear the gym: There’s nothing to fear, just be confident
  • People who are overweight: Come and see me, we as fitness experts are here to help you

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