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Why You Need To Understand Virtual Reality in 2017

As we are currently in the first quarter of 2017, we thought of preparing you for the hottest technology of the year, which is Virtual Reality.

You may have heard about it here and there, and thought it was too complicated to understand, but this technology will become part of your reality and daily life.

Virtual Reality or VR, immerses consumers in a 360-degree digital environment, most commonly experienced via a headset. Augmented Reality or AR, is the integration of the real-world environment with computer-generated digital information. They have been identified by international digital agencies as the key marketing trends that marketers will be looking to in the coming year. 

Fashion brands are already using VR to offer clients an easier store experience with options that allow you to try on the clothes on your “virtual you,” or to experience a full retail environment from your very own home.

And watch out for VR-enabled fashion accessories that will soon be on sale, and obviously part of our must-have gadgets. So if you thought having an iWatch was enough, think again!