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Interview With Lebanese TV Presenter Carla Haddad

You know her from several TV shows and most notably from her glowing presence on Dancing With The Stars Middle East.

From a model turned actress and TV host, Carla Haddad has secured her presence on Middle Eastern television screens. But not only, because over the years the blond beauty has also become a trend setting fashionista.

Just like her persona, we had a sassy but classy conversation with Ms. Haddad.

Carla's Career

AM: Please introduce us to Carla Haddad (the person and the TV presenter)
In my opinion, the best characteristic of Carla the person and the TV host is that she is a natural and genuine person. What you see on TV is what you get it in real life. I do not put on a fake mask. Everything I do comes naturally from my laughs, jokes, interaction with my audience and even when I am angry... It's all me!

AM: How did you start off in the TV industry? 
I first started working as a model at the age of 14. Then I appeared in the comedy show Moniaa fi Lebanon, followed by Carla La La, where I hosted celebrity guests and took spectators' calls. Next I did Ya Leil Ya Ein, the Arab version of La Fureur du Samedi Soir. I was then the weather girl on LBC channel.

I then presented a daily magazine called Helwe Al Hayat and a Radio show too. Recently, I presented The Comedy show on Al Hayat Egyptian channel and I just finished hosting my fourth season of Dancing With The Stars on MTV.
As an actress I participated in more than 10 comedy plays and one drama series. Aside from being a TV presenter, I host big festivals, corporate events and weddings, which is one of my main jobs off-screen.

AM: Which job do you enjoy more: TV presenting or acting, and why?
Both! I always seek a successful project. I like them equally and I am waiting for the right role and opportunity to resume acting. And the same applies to TV hosting.

AM: What type of TV programs do you enjoy hosting the most? And why?
I don't have one certain genera, I look for projects that are the talk of the town. I do have to say that I do find myself in entertainment shows that include singing, dancing and laughing, because that's something that people really need in our country. But eventually, I would like to have a program that tackles social issues.

AM: What is your advice to an aspiring TV presenter?
My advice is to be natural, both physically and internally. You can't be fake in front of the camera. The audience will eventually figure you out and not identify with you.

AM: Being one of the most followed Arab celebrities on Instagram, what role does social media play in your life & career?
Social media is a huge part of my life and my career. Especially for my young fans who like to follow my life on Instagram Facebook and Twitter. (Editor's note: Carla's following exceeds 1 million!)
I believe that the number of social media views could exceed the number of TV viewers. Social media is the present and future, and I dedicate a lot of time for it.

I enjoy reading the comments of my followers. And I am happy to say that I rarely get bad comments which means that I am doing something right.

AM: What is your proudest moment (in your career)? 
I don't have one specific moment, because every show I do, I give it my all. My entire career path is an accumulation of proud moments.

AM: What is a career objective you want to achieve (or an upcoming project)?
I have a movie script that I am currently reading and I am studying the concept of an upcoming TV program.

Carla's Style

AM: Where do you get your fashion inspiration? 
I am keen on following all the sources of fashion. Like social media which keeps me up to date on the latest trends, in addition to magazines and my stylist Wassim Fakhoury. Since my domain requires me to always stay on top of the game.

AM: How would you describe your fashion style?  
I would say young, fresh, classic with an edgy and modern twist. I like to be sexy but not vulgar. I think I have developed my own style or "Carla's Touch" and I feel flattered when the audience complements me on my looks.

AM: Where do you shop from?
It depends on what I am searching for and the look I am targeting. Sometimes, I shop at high-end brands and sometimes at very affordable ones. I love to mix and match because I always want to reach out to a broader audience.

AM: In your opinion, what are some must-have items that every woman needs to have in her closet?
Of course the infamous black dress. A pair of jeans, the Wolford bodysuits in black and white. I can't live without them! As for shoes, some sneakers and black heels.

AM: Can you describe your diet and beauty regimen?
I exercise everyday except on Sundays. And when I miss out on a day, I feel guilty and like I have gained 10 kilograms. Sports is not an obligation but part of my lifestyle.
Also, I don't drink or smoke, and I don't like to stay out late. For me that's the obligation! I am more of a day person who likes to carry out her activities during daytime.

As for beauty products, I like to be makeup free. I only put on makeup for television and big events. All the facial creams I use are from my dermatologist, and I do some beauty treatments for my face in the Fall and Spring. I also drink lots of water.

 Carla's Favorites List: 
  • Favorite Arab designer: I have many, each has his/her own style. In general I like light dresses, not ones that feel like I am doing a body pump (She laughs)
  • Favorite international designer: I like the craziness of Alexandre Vauthier, he's currently my favorite. I am also crazy about Balmain and Tom Ford
  • Favorite clothing brand: Olivier Rousteing, Vauthier, David Koma and Dsquared2 is also out of this world
  • Favorite Fashionista: I feel that with social media everyone has become a fashionista. I don't have a person in mind
  • Favorite model: Gigi Hadid, I adore her and I think she resembles my daughter Léa
  • Favorite city: I love Italy. Cities like Florence, Como, Capri, Venice, and Rome
Editor’s note: Carla’s interview was a reflection of who she is; sweet and genuine.

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