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The Dos And Donts Of Sales Shopping

The Spring/Summer sales season (les soldes) are a few days away in Paris, as in many cities worldwide. Here are our four must read tips for a successful and wise shopping spree.

Keep it classic
Whether you are a fashion forward or a classic dresser, remember to buy items that you can keep for a couple of years. Before heading to the cashier, imagine yourself wearing the item two years from now.

Think of the upcoming season
Even though the sales period offers discounts on the current season of the year, try to select garments that you can wear in the upcoming season as well. Wouldn't it be nice to have new outfits ahead of time?

Don’t overbuy
As much as you will be thinking “I must buy this” and “I really need that” keep in mind that fashion trends, colors and cuts change every year. So don’t overbuy because you surely don’t want to be labeled as démodé (old fashioned).

Don’t wait too long 
The sales are somehow like gambling. Sometimes you decide to wait a little bit longer until the 50% or 70% off tag appears, but often, someone else will steal your treasure. Don’t wait too long and follow the “finders keepers” rule.

Happy shopping!