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Interview With International Blogger Summer Albarcha

Nowadays, due to the widespread of social media, becoming a fashion blogger is quite an easy task. However, publishing original content, gaining a loyal following and international notoriety is where the real challenge lies.

Summer Albarcha has definitely achieved what many bloggers hope to attain. But she is not your typical female blogger because of a very small detail. A symbol that she has delicately manged to turn into a fashion accessory… her veil (a.k.a. hijab)!

Founder of the Hipster Hijabis movement, Summer’s genuine and original image has gained the attention of global media like AP Press, Marie Claire, The Huffington Post, Business Insider, Look Magazine, and many more.

In an exclusive interview, we got to know more about the American/Syrian blogger Summer Albarcha.

AM: Introduce us to Summer the person & the blogger? How are they different?
 I am a full time university student so most of my day is spent between school and spending time with my family. Summer the blogger may depict a more glamorous fashion filled life. But in reality, I’m a student and daughter (and fiance!) like many girls my age.

AM: How did you start off as a blogger?
I have always loved matching my clothing to my head scarf. When I began wearing it at 13, I wanted to make sure I’d still be myself and portray my inner personality, so i set out to set examples in modest wear wherever I went. I then discovered Instagram in 2012 and started sharing photos of my outfits online. From there, my blogging took off.

AM: Where do you get your fashion inspiration from?
I was mainly influenced by my mother growing up, as she began wearing the hijab at a later age in my childhood. I saw her transition and felt inspired. She always matched her scarves and outfits, and even helped others in the community embrace dressing modestly.

AM: How do you balance between tradition and modernity?
I believe it comes with intention. I always try to intend to appear modest, and from there I mix and match various trending pieces. If I don’t feel appropriate and confident in the outfit I don't leave the house in it.

AM: In your opinion, what is a fashionable woman? 
A fashionable woman is someone who mix and matches trendy items to her appeal. She does not drastically change her style with only trends, but rather her style is evident throughout her life.

AM: What are some must have items that every woman needs to have in her closet?
Every woman should have basic colored tunics. I love wearing them with skinnies and any pair of shoes, with a matching scarf and a jacket on an on-the-go day. It makes me feel put together while still effortless. Some examples would be denim tunics, button downs, sweat shirts, etc.

AM: What is a message you would like to send out to your loyal followers? And to your critics?
Have good intentions in everything you do and find it in others!

AM: An advice you would give to an Arab woman who wants to launch a blog
I would advise her to gear it with an attainable goal and tie everything to that purpose. I truly want to make modest fashion trendy in Western society, and I always make sure my collaborations help excel that goal.

AM: What is your proudest moment?
Speaking at Fashion Forward Dubai Season 4 last October.

AM: What is a career objective you want to achieve? 
I want to continue working towards being a style icon worldwide and representing modest fashion through various brands.

Summer’s Favorites List:
  • Favorite Arab designer: Elie Saab
  • Favorite international designer: Carolina Herrera
  • Favorite clothing brand: Topshop
  • Favorite Fashionista: Chiara Ferragni
  • Favorite model: Gigi Hadid
  • Favorite city: Damascus (editor’s note: Summer’s family is from there)
Everyday Summer:
  • I can’t leave the house without my: Cup of iced coffee
  • On a typical day you will see me wearing my: Massimo Dutti silver moccasins
  • My current perfume is: CH by Carolina Herrera
  • On my current wish list is: Miu Miu Sneakers
  • My relationship with the gym can be described as: Barely there, but trying
  • My guilty pleasure is: Anything with avocado on it
  • After a stressful week you will catch me at: Home watching a movie with my family
Editor’s note: We salute Summer for her ability to mange her personal life, her education and her career/hobby. Her success comes from her choice to remain true to herself and to spread a meaningful message via fashion.

Checkout Summer Albarcha’s style here