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Interview With Fitness Professional Marcelino Gebrayel

Marcelino Gebrayel is definitely a fan favorite TV star in his own field. From Dancing with the Stars and Star Academy, he is the fitness coach that everyone wants to have.

Marcelino leads a very active lifestyle, and he is all about health and challenging yourself to reach your ultimate goals.

In an exclusive interview, Marcelino talks to us about his profession and gives us some must-read tips.

AM: Who is Marcelino Gebrayel?
I am a young Lebanese man with a healthy lifestyle. I think this sums it all.

AM: Tell us how you became a fitness professional?
I originally got introduced to the fitness world through my father who is also a professional athlete. He used to force me to train since a very young age, although I didn’t use to like it much. At the age of 18, I started taking care of my body; eating healthy and training regularly. Soon after, training became a crucial part of my daily life and it became more like a hobby. After I completed my studies in business management, I decided to turn my fitness hobby into a career, especially after I entered the modeling world. I completed several trainings in Lebanon and in the U.S., which allowed me to become a certified group fitness trainer. Today I am still a model, a self-defense trainer, personal trainer, ski coach, and a Zumba instructor.

AM: So how is your personal lifestyle like?
I definitely exercise more than anyone else. (He laughs)
I usually have a very busy day. I give an average of three to four fitness classes per day. Otherwise, I travel a lot, an average of two trips per month. In fact, I always have events, workshops, and shootings going on in different countries around the world.

AM: By following your instagram page, we see you frequently active at the gym. Can you describe your relationship with the gym? And how do you keep yourself motivated? 
It’s complicated… As I have told you earlier, training became more like a hobby for me. No matter what type of sports I practice, I do it because I enjoy it. And this is what keeps me motivated.

AM: You are one of the first people to make Zumba popular in the Middle East. Tell us more about your Zumba movement?
Zumba is a life-changing workout! The best stress release. It is a really fun class for people from all ages. Basically, it's a fitness dance class on Latin music rhythms, in addition to toning the muscles by engaging the entire body throughout the session. I guess the main reason that makes people addicted to Zumba classes is the fun and craziness. I am always surrounded by smiles and positive vibes.

AM: What is your advice for a beginner who wants to get a gym membership and adopt a healthy lifestyle?
My advice for beginners is to follow the right track from the very beginning. Consult a dietitian and have a personal trainer. The problem with beginners is that they will soon get discouraged if they don’t achieve their aimed results. Having a professional by their side will help them get to their goals much faster and avoid wrong practices.

AM: In your opinion, what are some fitness & sports malpractices in the Middle East?
The problem is two sided; the trainers who are not always qualified, and the people who don’t listen to professional advice. Add to this, the lifestyle in Middle Eastern countries is not that healthy in general. People rely on their personal sources. You barely see people walking and never encounter anyone riding a bike for example. Not to forget our eating habits, and our famous late dinners.

AM: Finally, what is a career objective you want to achieve?
I want to have my own business, which is something I have already started working on.

Everyday Marcelino:
  • I can’t leave the house without my: Phone
  • On a typical day you will see me wearing my: Sweatpants
  • My current perfume is: Tom Ford
  • On my current wish list is: Living in Brazil
  • My guilty pleasure is: Playing pranks on my friends. Harmless scary pranks of  course!
  • If I had to choose only one sport to practice for the rest of your life, it would be: Skiing
  • After a stressful week you will catch me at: The airport
Editor’s note: Marcelino proved to us that he is as encouraging and motivating as you see him on TV. We thank him for this interview.

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