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Interview With Lebanese Singer Sabine

She is a hardworking person who is always dedicated to challenging and improving herself. She is all about being different and being true as an artist. She is the talented Lebanese singer and actress Sabine.

In a very honest and fun chitchat, we talked with Sabine about her character, her career and of course her fashion preferences.

Fame and Career

AM: Sabine we hear you come from a diverse family, tell us more about it
Well my father is French-Lebanese, my mother is Lebanese born in Africa. I was born in Saudi Arabia and lived there till the age of eight. Afterwards, we moved back to Beirut, and in the meantime, my family and I were constantly spending time between Lebanon, Spain and Monaco.

AM: How is Sabine the artist different from the person?
I am the same person, a very genuine character. People around me love my talent as much as they love my personality.
I love life and when I’m on stage and I feel like I have a positive energy. I am a very hard working professional. For example, I prepare for a concert one month ahead of time; from the choreography with the dancers and the playlist to my look. Also, I am very persistent and a multi-tasker, because I am the one who manages my own product.

AM: How did you start off in the industry?
It all started when the Rahbani brothers discovered me at the age of 17. They helped me in releasing my first single Baatli Email. The song then become an anthem and has attracted a lot of international press such as BBC, and was then featured on an international CD produced by Universal Music. At the time, the vision of the Rahbani family was to have an international star coming out of Lebanon who can sing in English and Arabic, and can dance on international beats. But right after the success, I decided to take a break to focus on my studies and my degree in theater and cinematography. A few years later, I came back with a much more mature image, literally, as I have evolved artistically during my hiatus.

AM: What type of songs do you enjoy singing the most? And why?
I really enjoy singing pop songs that are commercial and can reach a broad audience. I also love singing romantic songs and songs with beats. I have to admit that being a pop artist is not easy. It is in the way you move and perform, so you have to be a good singer, dancer and follow the rhythm.

AM: Being a young artist, what is your advice to an aspiring singer?
My advice would be to stay true to yourself. Don’t try to fit in a preset frame, whether in terms of your appearance or the content of your songs.  Don’t stay on the safe side! Be daring and raise your own voice by being your genuine self. As for me, I don’t like to imitate others because my identity is who I really am… I am simply born with it.

AM: Last year, you have endeavored into acting. How would you describe your experience in Ahmed & Christina? And are you willing to repeat it?
It was an amazing experience. The fame was very different from being a singer, because it was on a wider level. We had spectators in Australia, the UK and all over the world
Director Samir Habchi said I was the best drama actress, and that I really understood the role. And believe me it takes a lot of intelligence and homework to master a role.
A fun fact is that we received offers for phenomenal prices to purchase the outfits that I (Christina) wore. People watched the series religiously, because it’s a real story of a relationship between a Christian girl and a Muslim man that reflects a situation in our society
Afterwards, I have been offered many similar roles in TV/Cinema, but I refused because I want something more challenging. I do feel like it will be my signature role that people will always associate me with, just like Jennifer Lopez in Selena.

AM: What role does social media play in your life & career?
Social media is very important because it has become the source of news for online and offline press. As for me, I am the one who takes control of my accounts. I like to mix it up between my professional updates and some from my personal life. My relationship with my fans is very close, but I do not have a “label” for them because they are not objects. I know that some of them are very loyal to me, and some I share with other artists. It is just absurd to classify them all under one category.

AM: What is your proudest achievement?
Definitely my album Stop that got me awarded as Best Selling Artist. I have 14 songs made by the best composers in the Middle East. Also, my role in Ahmed & Christina which earned me the Best Rising Actress award. And finally, when I performed in the Formula One in Abu Dhabi in front of 60,000 spectators.
AM: What are your upcoming projects?
My next plans include working on new singles and possibly a TV series. In general, I don’t plan my future steps in life. I know that by being myself and with my solid talent, I will accomplish successful projects.

Sabine’s Style

AM: How would you describe your fashion style? And where do you get your fashion inspiration?
My fashion style is very trendy and forward. I love international designers and I’m very inspired by old movies. And by the way, I design most of my outfits because I like to be different and eccentric. I believe I have a lot of general knowledge about this industry. I was very flattered when I got a direct message from Stefano Gabbana who liked one of my looks, and when I got feedback from Chanel’s social media team.
I’m very inspired by timeless icons like Grace Kelly and Madonna, they are the real fashionistas. Unfortunately, nowadays many people are abusing this title especially on Instagram.

AM: How and where do you like to go shopping?
I love to mix and match. And I love shopping in Paris and London. My favorite brands are Chanel and Louis Vuitton, and I also love Balmain. I like to own exclusive pieces. I am also into vintage. I have a dress that’s around 30 years old from my mom’s closet and that is always an eye-catcher.

AM: In your opinion, what are some key items that every woman needs to have?
I think having the right shoes is a must. I am a shoe lover, which justifies why I have a closet full of shoes and that includes a very diversified collection.

AM: So tell us more about your diet and beauty regimen?
I go a lot to the gym, and when I don’t have time you would find me working out at home. I like to take care of what I eat and of my skin and hair. I love to work the natural look and I think I have it because of my European features. I enjoy dancing and running, but I am also a big foodie. Personally, I think having knowledge about culinary dishes is very refined.

Sabine’s Favorites List:
  • Favorite Arab designer(s): Elie Saab, Hussein Bazaza, and Dalida Ayash
  • Favorite international designer: Karl Lagerfeld
  • Favorite clothing brand: Chanel
  • Favorite fashionista(s): Gigi Hadid and Rihanna
  • Favorite model(s): Claudia Schiffer and Cindy Crawford
  • Favorite city: Paris
Everyday Sabine:
  • I can’t leave the house without my: Phone
  • On a typical day you will see me wearing my: Red lipstick
  • My current perfume is: I like scents that are powder-based
  • My relationship with the gym can be described as: A love/hate relationship
  • My guilty pleasure is: My ambition, I always want more!
  • After a stressful week you will catch me: In bed, sleeping
Editor’s note: A big thank you to Sabine who insisted we mention that this interview was one of the funnest interviews she has ever done. And in fact, it was actually our pleasure to speak with such a down-to-earth person, to the point that we threw away the questions sheet and chatted spontaneously.

Follow Sabine’s virtual diary here