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How To Build Trust With Robin Roberts

Robin Roberts is not your typical anchorwoman, for she has touched the lives of American people in so many ways. By sharing her battle with cancer onscreen, she has become an inspiration for all people suffering from health issues.

In a session headlined Building Trust and the power of the truth during The Cannes Lions International Festival 2016, Roberts explained the method for earning trust.

Earning trust comes from connecting with the audience or the people around you. It's something you work on, and should not be taken for granted. The strategy is not about being the first, but getting it right. For sometimes, you will have to put your objectivity aside in order to be authentic with your entourage. And don't be afraid of sharing your vulnerability, because everybody has problems like you.
So by showing emotions, authenticity and vulnerability, with a little bit of humor every now and then, you will build meaningful relationships.
By Victor N.