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How To Be Innovative According To Anna Wintour

The highlight of The Cannes Lions International Festival 2016, was our front row seat to the Anna Wintour presentation.

Anna was in Cannes to speak about being innovative. She is an embodiment of innovation, by being the Editor-in-chief of Vogue Magazine since 1988, and the Artistic Director of Condé Nast.

Anna started the session by mentioning what notable people in her domain have said about her. She is said to be a doer not a talker, someone who doesn't do anything halfheartedly, and who does everything with integrity and value.

Anna said that when we are young, we dream about moving upward, but in fact, the real pleasure comes from moving forward and learning from our own mistakes. In a nutshell, here's how you can become an Anna Wintour.

Aim higher
Invest more time in your ambition. Work on something that has both immediate interest and a lasting significance.

Dare to be different
The audience is always seeking something beyond normalcy. We live in an age that prizes authenticity, sincerity rather than extravaganzas. So try what hasn't been done before even if it may seem risky. (Editor's note: here Anna mentioned our favorite comedienne Amy Schumer as a real life example!)

Use all your goals
Make your goals your own learning lessons, and evaluate what you have done. Allow yourself to make mistakes.

Make interesting friends
Be as inclusive as possible, and invite everyone to the table. Stay close to your network, and don't hesitate to go out and meet new people. Do that to learn more about what’s going on around you.

By Victor N.