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A Sit-Down With Martha Stewart

One of the events around the The Cannes Lions International Festival 2016 was a private sit-down interview with TV Mogul Martha Stewart.

Martha and her publicist talked to us about the human behind her celebrity persona, and her business mindset.

AM: Martha, how would you describe yourself?
I am someone curious and who has a thirst for knowledge. I continue to learn as a teacher to be able to teach back. My motto is "Learn something new everyday." One example is that I never take the same route from my house to my job location. I always ask my driver to change the itinerary so I can discover something different in the city.
I am also the kind of person who likes to be immersed in public settings, and have random conversations with people.

AM: Can you tell us more about your business mindset?
I aim to build a business founded on timeless content. I adopted technology early on, and which facilitated my ability to reach out to new audiences.
For instance, I was the first to transform Martha Stewart Living into a lifestyle digital magazine. However, I realized later on that I had to turn it back to paper because it wasn’t successful. I guess this proves that I don’t fear taking risks.

AM: Your advice to all entrepreneurs?
I would say keep your spirits up and believe in what you are doing. There will always be another opportunity for you.

By Victor N.